After School Programs

Each afternoon when the school bell rings, millions of children head to homes where they are alone and unsupervised. These children often become bored, which can lead to poor grades, higher dropout rates, and even juvenile crime.

After-school is not an extension of the school day. It's a place that combines fun and learning. Quality comprehensive after-school programs emphasize fun activity-based learning that reinforces the knowledge and skills needed for in-school success. They also promote positive relationships among children and adults, create an engaging environment for children to interact with each other, and provide opportunities for children to make decisions and learn leadership skills.

For The Children, Inc. After-School programs nurture the body, mind and spirit of every child who participates.

Our program content is designed to meet specific local needs and interests; however, each of our sites is committed to providing a comprehensive after-school experience that includes three components: Independent Learning, Academics, and Enrichment.



National and local research has proven that mentoring programs have enriched the lives of young people, provided positive adult contact, support and advocacy.

Mentoring has also been proven to be an effective tool in overcoming risk factors that could lead to problems associated with educational failures, dropping out of school, and delinquent activities which include gang crimes and drug abuse.

For The Children, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 mentoring agency, providing one-on-one and group mentoring opportunities for in school youth between the ages of 6-18 years old. Our goal is to pair each child in the program in a one-one one mentoring friendship and engage them in innovative group activities with trained, caring adults who will promote change, foster individual responsibility and respect, while building confidence.

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